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Precious Kids Newsletter

April issue 2019

Parent’s Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly newsletter, we inform parents/carers of various topics/issues and policy up dates, any charitable events and notify you of any holidays. It is important that you read your newsletter. If you have any suggestions to add to our next month newsletter please let us know.

Nursery inset and holiday closure dates for 2019

19th April-22nd April Easter, 6th May Bank Holiday, 27th May Bank Holiday, 26th July inset day summer trip, 26th August Bank Holiday.


8th April-23rd April, 27th May-31st May, 25th July- 2nd September 21st October- 25th October, 16th December-2nd January 2020


Please join us to welcome our new children and parents for the month to the nursery.

Theme of the month

The theme for April in the yellow room will be 'Spring' and in the blue room will also be 'Spring'. We display our weekly activities for individual children and groups of children on our planning board. Parents are welcome to make suggestions, for example, a festival you will celebrate this month or an interest that your child has..

30 hours.

Please make sure you register or update you code for April fund. The government cut off point for validity start dates for eligibility code is 31/03.2019 for the summer term 2019.

Book bags

We are delighted to see children choosing books from the book club for parents/guardians to read at home together. Parents are reminded to return books the following week on your first day back regardless of which day a book bag was taken home. The rules are if you are late returning a book by 2 week, you will be charged 50p and if a book is torn you must refund the nursery the full cost of the book. 

Learning journals

Please note that all our children have learning journals and you are welcome to take the book home read through it with your child and please add any significant events from home and return it to the nursery.

Phone camera in the nursery

For the purpose of child protection and Safeguarding children we must remind parents/carers that they are not permitted to take pictures of their child or other children in the nursery environment. Thank you.


The small size of the nursery and caring nature of staff gives Precious Kids a real family feel.
— Kate Stanton, 20th March 2012

George has spent over two years at Precious Kids and has millions of fantastic memories here!
— Mandy Nokes, 2009


Established in 1997, Precious Kids Day Nursery is a workers co-operative providing ...

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