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Precious Kids Newsletter

Issue November 2020

                                              Parent’s Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly newsletter, we inform parents/carers of various topics/issues and policy up dates, any charitable events and notify you of any holidays. It is important that you read your newsletter. If you have any suggestions to add to our next month newsletter please let us know.

Nursery inset and holiday closure dates for 2020

17th December- 5th January 2021

15 & 30 hours funded term time holidays

17th December - 5th January 2021

London in Tier 2 lockdown

London is currently in tier 2 and must lockdown from 5th November until 2nd December.

Childcare settings must remain open to critical workers and vulnerable families. The nursery will remain open for three days per week Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 8am-6pm. We are operating in line with Government Guidelines to keep staff, children and parents safe and well. 

The staff have continued to remain in bubble since September and will continue doing this. 


Precious Kids would like to reassure all parents and carers of the measures we are taking in ensuring the safety of the children and staff. The most effective way to avoid the spread of the coronavirus is with regular washing of the hands with soap and water for up to 20 seconds. With the help of parents we are reminding children to wash their hands upon their arrival in the morning, and each time after playtime, before lunch, after lunchtime and before they go home. Please remember that children only need to stay away from the setting if they have been advised to do so by calling 111 or seeking medical professional.

Hands, face, space

We ask parents to keep on their face covering while dropping off and collecting your child, please observe social distancing at all times on the premises. If you are unable to wear a face covering for health reasons kindly let staff know so that we do not ask again. In that case please step back from the door once it is opened to you.

Maintaining cleaning

Staff are maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for the children and adhering to the government guidance. Please help us by adhering to the nursery rules.

Parent meeting

Parents will have an opportunity to get feedback about their child's progress and development, this term will be via phone call lasting 10 minutes from the key person. This will start from Tuesday 10th until Thursday 12th November. 


Festivals and Understanding the world of science, if you have any ideas or festivals you wish to share please let us know We hope your child is enjoying reading with you and that your child take home weekly activities.

Phone camera in the nursery

For the purpose of child protection and Safeguarding children we must remind parents/carers that they are not permitted to take pictures of their child or other children in the nursery environment. Thank you.


The small size of the nursery and caring nature of staff gives Precious Kids a real family feel.
— Kate Stanton, 20th March 2012

George has spent over two years at Precious Kids and has millions of fantastic memories here!
— Mandy Nokes, 2009


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