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Policies and procedures

                     Precious Kids Day Nursery policy and procedures

We admit children into the nursery regardless of sex, race, culture or their ability. Prospective parents are invited to visit the nursery with their children to meet the staff and see for themselves the nursery environment and staff may make homes visits initially. 
An admission form and prospectus will be given for completion when parents require a place. If there is no immediate place for a child, they will be placed on a waiting list and parents will be notified as soon as a place becomes available. No place is guaranteed until an offer and starting date is agreed. The nursery reserves the right to decline registration if our ethos and general principles are not acceptable to the parents.
To offer the best continuity of care, we offer all children a minimum of  2 sessions a week. This allows the child and parent to build stronger relationships with the staff. Staff can collect evidence of your child’s progress to build a child’s individual profile. 

The nursery staff work in partnership with parents to ensure that the transition from home to nursery is made as smooth as possible. We are aware that many parents will be attending nursery for the first time and might find the early days very difficult/stressful. We operate an open door policy and parents are encouraged to stay with their child for as long as is needed to familiarize themselves and their child with the nursery layout, staff and routine. Parents will be offered the option to visit the nursery daily during the 2 weeks settling in period until their child settles and they are welcome to stay awhile and relax in the lobby with a book!

Parents are encouraged to stay awhile and get to know the staff. To care for someone else’s children is immensely personal and we acknowledge that parents need to have faith in the staff.
• Staff and Management will always be available for discussion with parents
• Parents have the opportunity to participate in all nursery events
• Ensuring that information provided by the parents about their children will be kept confidential and treated on a strictly need to know basis
• Information regarding the children’s activities throughout the day is always available to parents on a daily basis by verbal communication and in your child’s day book
• Parents are encouraged to keep us informed of any changes to their personal circumstances, which may have an effect upon their child
• e.g. house move, bereavement or spouse separation

The nursery understands that play is something that a child enjoys best. A child’s play has a purpose and is the main step to learning and understanding of valuable skills. Play will help a child fit into the world physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially and grow to be a healthy and competent individual. It is not our aim to teach children of three and four to read and write but we feel we can teach children to be confident and independent individuals.
The nursery endeavours to provide children with a stimulating environment in which to play and learn in. A varied selection of activities will be provided throughout the day, both inside and outside with the emphasis on participation as opposed to entertainment.

The children will visit the local park and Sptialfields Farm as part of our daily routine and extension to nursery. We will also arrange a number of trips and outings to places of interest during the year. Management ensure that full risk assessments are carried out before the trip commences. Signed consent is required for children attending the trip.
• A notice informing parents of the trip will be placed on the board
• Parents will be asked to sign consent forms for their children to attend
• Day trip will be assessed for risks and a suitable number of staff/parent to child ratio will apply
• Ensure that  staff members of the group have mobile phones, first aid and sufficient food and drink with them
• Ensure relevant epi-pens and asthma pumps are with the group if relevant
• Contact number and medical history on each child must be taken if parent s are not accompanying the child.
• A head count of children must be done before leaving and must be ongoing at regular intervals for local trips
• Meeting points must be pre-designated and times arranged when all the party should assemble back to the coach for example.
• In the event that a child comes into contact with animals, basic health and safety principles of hygiene will be adhered to.

The nursery as adopted a policy that ensure standards of table manners and behaviour is consistent. Mealtimes should be a happy, social occasion for children and staff will ensure the following:
• Menus planned in advance will be on display for parents to see
• Individual medical and dietary requirements will be respected and dispalyed
• Children are expected to say please and thank you and to sit while eating
•  We recognise that a proportionate number of families in our local area are Muslims, therefore the nursery is vegetarian. 
• Whole-pasteurized milk, Soya milk or water will be served for snack time
• Fresh fruit will be available at least twice a day and water throughout the day
• Care must be taken at all times to ensure that dietary requirements whether for medical or religious reasons are respected
• Staff acknowledge that like adults, children will have likes and dislikes and this should be noted for future reference
• Table manners are important and staff encourage children to use their cutlery if desired
• Children are encouraged to at least try what is on their plate. When bad eating habits persist staff will discuss this with parents and seek options. When necessary dessert will be denied. The nursery is committed to a balanced diet and dessert alone is not a balance meal.
*Parents/carers must provide their child with a new toothbrush and toothpaste suitable to your child needs. Children will be encouraged to clean their teeth after meals in the nursery, to promote good self-hygiene development. Please change the toothbrush every six months.

At Precious Kids Day Nursery the older children will have the opportunity to rest after lunch. Babies can rest at any time they need and will not be woken. All sleeping children are monitored and staff must sign a sheet at regular intervals during that time and staff share with parents the times that their children slept for at the end of their day.

We recognize that children like the outdoors. Staff  are trained for outdoor play activities to support children’s all round development and this is part of DFEE Code of practice to provide fresh air regardless of the weather for all children. If the weather is not particularly pleasant, staff encourage parents to provide appropriate clothing. The nursery has a small supply of wellingtons and rain maces for older children.
No child must be restricted from using the outdoor area for any reason. If a child is sick and parents fear that by going outdoor it may make the child’s condition worst, parents are advised to keep the child at home until he/she is well enough to attend nursery.  Staff can not stop a child from going outdoors at the parent’s request. 

Positivity is central to our philosophy at Precious Kids day nursery. Any issues or problems arising should be discussed in private with the nursery staff or manager. The passing of negative comments about parents, staff, or children is not acceptable in any form. When dealing with children in the nursery environment we aim to ensure that:
• Discipline within the nursery is fair and consistent,
• Through praise and recognition we promote positive behaviour,
• We encourage consideration for each other and our surroundings,
• If a child consistently misbehaves by breaking the nursery behaviour boundaries and risk the  safety of children, staff and visitors or damage nursery property, the staff will discuss the issues with the parents and a workable solution will be sought. There are nominated staff who will oversee behaviour management. They will attend relevant Early Years courses and train staff in-house. The nominated staff are Nadia St. Louis NVQ 3 and Perveen Mahmood NVQ 3 trained.

All children coming to Precious Kids Day nursery have a right to play and enjoy what is on offer without fear of intimidation, harassment or physical or verbal abuse. We strive to promote positive behaviour which encourages respect for each individual, co-operation with each other and opportunities for play and adventure within a safe and caring environment. Racism, sexism and other kinds of discriminatory behaviour will be challenged and will not be allowed to continue within the nursery.

It is essential to control the spread of infectious disease therefore in some circumstances it may be necessary to follow the Department of Health Exclusion Policy. With working parents in mind we understand the problems this may cause.
In the event of a child becoming ill at the nursery we will attempt to notify the parents immediately. The situation will be assessed and the necessary action taken. In the event that contact cannot be made we reserve the right to seek medical advice with our local health centre.
Staff must be aware that certain childhood illnesses can cause problems for pregnant women these include German measles, chicken pox, and meningitis. Parents will be notified via notices of an infectious childhood disease and children should be excluded during the incubation period.

Any medication administered to a child must be prescribed by their GP with current date and name of the child. The medicine must be documented in the medicine sheet for parents to sign on collection. In the event a child being sick at nursery every effort will be made to contact the parents. The calls will be documented in the medicine file.
If epi-pens or asthma pumps must be used, parents must complete medicine consent forms also. The nursery will administer Calpol with minor teething symptoms with a consent letter on each occasion.

In the event of a major accident the following procedures will be carried out simultaneously
• A member of staff will remain with the child offering comfort and first aid if possible
*An assessment will be made of any physical injury to the child
• A member of staff will call an ambulance and the parent/carer
• A member of staff will accompany the child to the hospital in the absence of the parent/carer
• The accident will be recorded in the accident book
In the event of a minor accident the following procedures will be carried out:
• A member of staff will assess the injury and offer comfort to the child
• The injury will be treated.
• The child will be observed and when suitable resettled back into the group
• The incident will be recorded in the accident book for parents to read and sign upon collection

We have three Gold fish that the children have named “fighting fish” and they are in the yellow room and are treated with the same respect as the children. Children are taught how to behave with fighting fish and care for the fish. (Updated information, the gold fish have all died.)

A responsible adult must bring the child into the nursery. Any information concerning the child must be passed on to a member of staff immediately on arrival.
A responsible adult must collect the child and this is of utmost importance. If someone other than the appointed parent/carer or legal guardians collects the child, staff must be informed in advance or via the telephone during the day with a brief description of the person and ask for our colour code of the day as a password. A parent must never take a child without informing a member of staff.
Under no circumstances will a child be handed over to an adult unless the staff have been notified. We have the right to retain the child if in doubt of the adult’s identity and their parents will be contacted to confirm the identity of the person collecting.
No child will leave the nursery with any person seeming to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Any visitors such as prospective parents, workmen etc… will be asked to sign the visitor’s book on arrival. When work is being carried out at the nursery, children will never be left in that area. Effective risk assessment and relevant measures will be taken to ensure that children are never lost but should a child become lost effective procedures will be carried out as outlined in our lost child policy.
In the event that a child is not collected by the end of the day the staff will make every effort to contact the parents/carer or emergency contact person. A member of staff will stay with the child while another make contact. In the event parents fail to arrive and no contact can be made with authorized collectors the nursery has a legal obligation to contact social services. They will take over at that point.

Anyone working in the nursery environment are DBS checked. This is an Ofsted requirement and must be adhered to and in line with guidelines Audrey St. Louis and Perveen Mahmood,  are the named child protection officers.
The nursery has a duty and are aware that abuse does occur in our society. Our policies lays out the procedures that will be taken if there is reason to believe that a child in our care is subject to any form of emotional, physical, sexual abuse or neglect.
Our prime responsibility is the welfare and well being of all children in our care. As such, we believe we have a duty to the children, parents and staff to act quickly and responsibly in any instance that may come to our attention that raises cause for concern. The nursery has a duty to report any suspicions of abuse to the Local Authority. The Children’s Act 1989 places a duty on the local authority to investigate such matters. The nursery will follow the procedures set out in the Local Authority Child Protection documents and when necessary, will seek their advice on all steps taken consequently. In the event that a parent makes a complaint of child abuse against a member of staff or volunteer we will follow the guidance of the allegation against staff and volunteer policy as if it were an allegation of abuse by any other person. If a child arrives with injuries the staff should:
• Ask the parent if they were aware of the injuries and how they occurred
• Discuss any concerns with a member of management
• Make a written record in the incident book of the injury with diagrams and exact explanations given by the parent. The recording of information is paramount, as it will give a full and clear picture if needed for a referral to social services at a later date once a child is referred to social services they and the child protection officer will make an assessment of the child’s needs. Following such a referral, staff may be required to provide statements and attend an initial child protection conference.
The nursery has an obligation to share any information regarding child protection with other childcare professionals but staff must be aware of confidentiality.

Precious Kids Day Nursery aims to provide a welcoming and appropriate learning environment for all children. Our philosophy is that all children with or without special needs should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential alongside other children in the nursery environment. All children are admitted to nursery after a visit and consultation between parents and staff regarding their child and family needs.
We aim to work within the DfEE code of practice on the identification and assessment of special educational needs. There is no discrimination against the admission of children with special educational needs provided that we have, or can obtain, the necessary resources.
Our system of observation and record-keeping, which operates in conjunction with parents, enables us to monitor children’s needs and progress on an individual basis continually. We will implement a graduated response as follows:
• Identification: The child’s need’s is identified and specific objectives are described, with emphasis on small, achievable targets.
• Action: The SENCO continues to gather information, possibly referring parents to, or advising them to consult with outside agencies
• Action Plus: The SENCO consults with specialist support services
• Constant monitoring will be achieved with the help of Individual Educational Plans (IEP)
• If a child’s needs cannot be met at nursery without additional support or equipment, funding will be sought to employ an extra member of staff or to obtain the necessary resources with the support of LA.
• Staff are encouraged to attend training courses on special needs whenever possible.
• Our aim is to provide for the development needs of each child in the nursery.
• All children in the nursery irrespective of their needs, are encouraged wherever possible and appropriate, to participate in all the nursery’s activities.
• The needs and progress of children who have special educational needs are monitored by our special needs coordinator (SENCO)
• The named SENCO are Nadia St. Louis and Perveen Mahmood.
• We work closely with the parents/carers and seek their views and the child’s views in all planning.
• We see the value of working closely together with other professionals to meet specific needs, and are committed to developing this further

This nursery aims to demonstrate through its work that it positively values and respects children of all ethnic origins/ racial groups, religions, culture, linguistic backgrounds and abilities. Children of both sexes are encouraged by staff to participate in all activities. The nursery and its staff are committed to:
• Encouraging positive role models, displayed through toys, imaginary play etc… that promote non-stereotypical images. Books will also be selected to promote such images of men and women, boys and girls
• Encouraging all children to join in activities i.e. dressing up, shop\home corner, dolls, cars, wood work, etc…
• Regularly reviewing our childcare practice to remove those practices that discriminate on the grounds of gender
• Acknowledge that preconceptions relating to race and sexism are abundant within language and will challenge such language where appropriate
• Ensuring that racism of any form is not tolerated.
It is the policy of this nursery to positively value and respect people regardless of their gender, ethnic origin/racial group, religion, culture, and linguistic background. A member of staff is employed because that person is considered to be the best person for the job.

The nursery is not associated with any specific religion and draws children from a variety of faiths, plus an increasing number of children from families that profess no faith.
In view of this the nursery does not celebrate any religious festivals choosing to look at traditions instead. During December we invite Father Christmas to visit the nursery and meet the children. Father Christmas will not necessarily come bearing gifts for the children as we are committed to teaching children that this is a time for being together and of giving to others. Emphasis during this period is on making and giving as opposed to receiving.

When registering a child at nursery, parents are required to sign the nursery contract. This forms a binding contract between the parents and the nursery. Invoices will be issued on the 25th day of each month. Registered hours will be charged for in advance, and any extra
hours will be invoiced in arrears. Payment must be made by the 30th of each month in which the invoice is issued. We reserve the right to revoke registration of a child for non-payment of fees. A full calendar months notice must be given before leaving Precious Kids Day Nursery (1st – 31st of the following month) Fees must be paid in lieu each month.

It is clearly of paramount importance that the nursery should run smoothly and that parents and staff work together. If a parent has a comment or complaint, they must go to the room leader who will accept the concerns and follow it up. Management will be informed and the complaint will be recorded and dated on a complaints form. Management will contact the parent as soon as possible and a meeting will be set up if necessary. If parents are still not satisfied, they should contact Jennifer Marshall our nursery advisor and if required parents have full rights to contact Ofsted in writing at the following address: The Royal Exchange Buildings, St Annes Square, Manchester, M27 LA. After the complaint has been resolved the outcome will be written up and kept in the complaints file. The manager will deal with complaints by a member of staff in the same manner immediately.

The nursery’s work with children and their families will often bring us into contact with confidential information. To ensure that all those using and working in the nursery can do so with confidence, we will respect confidentiality in the following ways:
• Parents will have access to the files and records of their own child but will not have access to information about any other child
• Staff will not discuss individual children with people other than their parents
• Information given by parents to the managers or staff will not be passed on to any other professionals without their permission
• Issues to do with the employment of staff, whether paid or unpaid, will remain confidential to the people directly involved with making personnel decisions
• Any anxieties relating to a child’s personal safety will not be shared within the team and the above procedure for child protection is adhered.



The small size of the nursery and caring nature of staff gives Precious Kids a real family feel.
— Kate Stanton, 20th March 2012

George has spent over two years at Precious Kids and has millions of fantastic memories here!
— Mandy Nokes, 2009


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