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Precious Kids Day Nursery encourages all our parents to seek The Working Tax Credit and Childcare Tax Credit. We are also registered with various childcare voucher schemes.

Aged  2 yrs–5 yrs.

Full-time   £203 per week  

Part-time  £183  ll       ll

A full day  £51

A half day £46

Aged  8 mths- 2 yrs old

Full-time   £260 per week

Part-time  £210    ll        ll

A full day  £73       

A half day £68

 The exception will be for parents with 6 1/2 month old baby , the fee will be  £310.00 per week until they are 8 months old. 


The small size of the nursery and caring nature of staff gives Precious Kids a real family feel.
— Kate Stanton, 20th March 2012

George has spent over two years at Precious Kids and has millions of fantastic memories here!
— Mandy Nokes, 2009


Established in 1997, Precious Kids Day Nursery is a workers co-operative providing ...

OFSTED Unique Reference Number (URN): 119607

Read the latest OFSTED report here:


Precious Kids Day Nursery Ltd
Montefiore Centre
Hanbury Street
London E1 5HZ

Tel 020 7247 8173

Company Registration No 03371878

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